20’ - 22’ Product Design Lead / Founding Designer

Wingocard lies in another category of challenge in my list of use cases. I joined the company when the company had just a name Wingo (that later would be tuned to Wingocard) and 6 teammates.

A journey

I joined Wingocard as their first designer with a mission to develop the banking app for teens (13-17yrs). From understanding the gen Z and their parents to designing an app that empowers young adults to become financially savvy early on in their lives.

The combination of a limited budget, resources, team members, and time to hit the goals made this journey a stellar accomplishment and highly rewarding as a designer. Each decision, release, and research was carefully used to get the most of it – fast & measurable.

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Use Case in progress

This use case will likely be a long one since it involves a variety of aspects that helped us to bring the company to its current stage, such as market research, brand research, branding design, product/marketing design vision, later on moving from a founding designer to a design lead, hiring and managing two other designers, design-system development, design development process, etc.

Wingocard is a thrilling journey, and I've decided to give it a proper use case space on my portfolio to explain how we designed the banking for teens and parents. As soon I have it done, I will post the results here, but probably accessible through a password due to its sensibility/time on the market, don't hesitate to contact me if you want to know more about me or this project.