Product designer

ThemeBox was a project I had the opportunity to lead as Product Designer since its conceptual stage at Movile, it was an Android Launcher where Android users had a totally different experience with themes that changed not just the visual but also their core experience.

Understanding the context

Movile was growing fast with its two main products, iFood, and PlayKids, as these projects got a solid foundation and a mature structure we reunited different teams with the goal to create new projects to join the company portfolio at different markets. 

ThemeBox was part of these new projects, it was a free launcher app for Android users with free themes where users received recommendations for apps and content based on their interest.


What's a Launcher App?

If you are an Apple user you probably are not familiar with a Launcher, differently from Apple where the system design and experience are not open to being changed, on Android users are able to download apps that change their system appearance and experience.

ThemeBox worked pretty much as a free-to-play game where users had a whole new experience with free themes and licensed/paid content that they could acquire, as users downloaded licensed content new products and content was popping up based in their interest.


My role for this project

I worked since day one with the Product Manager to understand the project to design its first concept and structure, as well as I, collaborated with the UX Researcher to validate the user's persona, set the interviews and usability tests.

With a better picture of what would be the structure, we team-up with the engineering team, to understand the system constraints and the impact of our decisions in terms of performance for each device.