An Uber between the broken down vehicle and the mechanic shop. Per hour, 50 cars break down in Sao Paulo's streets and it usually happens in an unknown place, far from the user's favourite mechanic shop. Helpcar is the bridge for drivers to find rescue and fix work from reliable mechanicals.


The idea

75% of brazilian vehicles don't have insurance.

The idea came up when my friends and I looked at some facts:
1 - The high number of vehicles without insurance 
2 - The high number of complaints of untrustworthy repair shops 
3 - How hard it is to find a good repair shop on the internet when the car breaks down in an unknown place


First logo concepts

The process

As a user I want to have a nearby, reliable and honest mechanic shop to repair my vehicle.

1 - We created a User Journey to understand from where and when the driver would access the Helpcar app to find a repair shop.
2 - We interviewed some repair shops and drivers to understand the major pain points for each one that drives them to the app.
3 - We sketched a user flow map to discover what is the perfect scenario that delivers the "AHA" moment quickly on the app.


The final logo idea came from this Volkswagem Beetle image.

After the research

Connecting the broken car with the repair shop is win-win.


1 - Connecting the broken car with the repair shop is win-win.

2 - Highlight the best rated places by users.
3 - The App is free for the user. The profit comes from the repair shop when they close a deal.

Some screens from the repair shop dashboard.


Cezar Luiz - Developer
Vitor Perez - Ux designer
Makson Serpa - Ux/UI & Illustrations

Project status:
Even though we still love this project it was abandoned because according to the MVP we saw that the project is bigger than we thought and we needed more time and effort that we don't have at that moment.