¹ Meta
– 22 · Current
–– Public

Currently working as product designer at Meta to design a new way for people to connect about the things that matter to them in a real-time setting.

² Wingocard
– 20 · 2022
–– Seed to Acquisition
As a designer I founded a mobile banking app for teenagers. Helping the new generation to become financially savvy early on in their lives.
³ Hopper
– 19 · 2020
–– Series D to Series E
Led the design of the hotel team, collaborating with engineers, PM's, and DS to bring a new fresh way to book a hotel.
⁴ Pipefy
– 16  · 2019
–– Seed to Series C
Worked closely with the founders and first users to identify its product-market fit and design its final product.

Currently working as a Product Designer at Meta – Facebook.

Over 12 years of experience, most of them working with founders designing new products zero to one.
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